Simulation in Applied Mechanics

Simulation in Applied Mechanics

Group Leader: Dr.-Ing. Stefan Kollmannsberger

Team Members:

- Dipl.-Ing. Tino Bog
- Mohamed Elhaddad M.Sc.
- Felix Frischmann M.Sc.
- John Jomo M.Sc.
- László Kudela M.Sc.
- Dipl.-Math. Robert Seidl M.Sc.
- Nils Zander MS
- Davide D'Angella M.Sc.
- Nina Korshunova M.Sc.

All of us conduct research on at least one of the following principle methodologies

- High order Finite Elements
- Mesh Generation
- Finite Cell Method

Our scientific work on these methods is driven by practical challanges stemming from concrete projects. Currently, we work in interdisciplinary groups on the following topics:

- Additive Manufacturing
- Electro-thermo-mechanical modeling of Field Assisted Sintering Technology using high-order finite elements
- Mesh generation for mixed structures
- Finite Cell Method for Contact Mechanics
- Finite Cell Method for transport and reaction process in porous media
- Vibroacoustic analysis in the planning process of timber constructions

Completed projects

- Non-reflecting Boundary Conditions for the Lattice Boltzmann Method
- High-Order Finite Element Methods for Computational Contact Mechanics I
- Volume-oriented modeling as a basis of co-operative planning in structural engineering
- Model Adaptivity in Sheet Metal Forming
- Computational Steering for patient-specific surgery planning
- Numerical simulation of the impact sound level from lightweigth floors
- Numerical homogenization strategies for extended continua
- Fluid-Structure interaction
- Stochastic Finite Elements in Hydroelasticity